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Fariss Coaching & Consulting is uniquely positioned to provide the kinds of support typically reserved for only the largest firms and organizations. Based in Southern California and led by professionals with extensive experience in the public and private sectors, FC&C is ready to help you find the best answers to your organization’s challenges and invest your resources effectively.

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The Strategic Planning Process

Our process includes an initial consultation, basic needs assessment, strategic program planning, and developing a step-by-step plan; designed to assist with challenges such as culture change, assessments, and operational implementation. Programs include 90- and 180-day reviews to ensure everyone stays on track.

Needs Assessment

Consultations and data collection are used to produce a customized proposal that includes the components necessary for the client to achieve success. Multiple areas of focus are used to assist clients as well as provide an expanded needs assessment. Data collection includes one-on-one interviews with management and frontline staff, organizational document review, research, and competitive analysis and provides a report and executive debrief session.

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Crisis Planning and Response

Every organization finds itself in uncharted waters at one time or another. Whether it's COVID-19 or a different monumental challenge, FC&C works with virtual, in-person, or hybrid formats on guiding organizations away from reactionary postures to more proactive ones.

Meeting Facilitation

FC&C provides meeting facilitation that involves consultation with stakeholders, goals and objectives planning, setting of expectations, agenda mapping, guided facilitation, mediation, capturing outcomes, planning dissemination, and implementation.

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Teams and Team-Building

FC&C helps businesses build a roadmap to find solutions. Groups and teams play a big role in that effort. We use our unique combination of executive coaching and visioning to improve how your team works together towards a common business goal and how it handles organizational challenges (restructuring, new members) along the way.

Networks, Resources &

At FC&C, we pride ourselves on being connectors. We help organizations identify the gaps in their supply chain, identify opportunities, and connect with the people and resources to help them meet those needs.

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In addition to organization-wide support, FC&C offers a whole-person coaching approach that focuses on facilitated problem-solving that serves staff members in a variety of circumstances, including new arrivals and those who have been promoted to new roles.

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Does your organization need a fresh approach to conducting business?

Whether your organization is brand-new or long-established, FC&C can help you to coordinate your teams, budgets, and other resources to achieve better results.

Do you have professional goals or are you facing a leadership challenge and don’t know where to start?

FC&C also excels in the arena of professional self-development. We work with many individuals on identifying their strengths, enhancing their organizational skills, and clarifying their overall professional goals to succeed as colleagues and as leaders in their organizations.

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